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@@ 17,16 17,15 @@ to anyone, but the final, aggregate result of the election can still be
computed.  In short, every voter helps count the ballots, but no individual
voter can know anyone's ballot but their own.

STARKs zero-knowledge proofs, as described
[here](https://vitalik.ca/general/2017/11/09/starks_part_1.html) by Vitalik
Buterin, are used to ensure (with very high probability) that no individual
voter has submitted a fraudulent ballot.  (Unfortunately, this zero-knowledge
proof part of tallyard has not been finished yet.)
Jens Groth's zk-SNARK, as described [here](https://z.cash/technology/zksnarks/),
is used to ensure (with very high probability) that a given voter's ballot is
not fraudulent, while revealing zero information about the ballot itself.

Have a look at the
I gave for my former university's cybersecurity club for an overview of the
aforementioned cryptography.
aforementioned cryptography.  **Note:** some of the info in the slides is very

Because Matrix is an open, federated messaging protocol, it is quite possible
for individuals to participate completely anonymously since often nothing more